Saturday, October 29, 2011


I have been so far behind reading blogs that I just spent the last half an hour trying to catch up, and of course didn't get through them all. Some people are just so talented. Wish I had a little of that. However, I did do a couple of my pintrests this week. Mostly cooking ones (because that is what I am good at), but I did do one other one I will show you too.

Did you know you could make pumpkin muffins with 2 ingrediants??!!! 
 Easy, cheap, and Yummy!

 The girls like to stir first, then I finish them up on the kitchen aid.
 I love that they both LOVE cooking so far.
(I know they don't look happy, but they did like them. They just think their mom is a little nuts.)
And if you want to dress them up just a little or make them for dessert add a cream cheese frosting or springle with powdered sugar.

Our friends Tyler and Ellie came over to make Halloween Houses.

Good job Livy!
 Emelyn of course just ate crackers, frosting, and candy. We finally had to cut her off.

 Jenna helping Tyler fix his house. It kept caving in. Next time we'll try stiffer frosting.

Pintrest Project

A weekly menu dry erase board. I always write out our menu on a tiny piece of paper, post it on the refridgerator, and then make my grocery list according to the menu. My sister-in-law pinned this on pintrest, and then I repinned it. The gal that first did it got scrapbook paper and cut out letters from a machine. I made it on my Creative Memories Scrapbooking program and then printed it off. I got the frame at Micheals for $4.99. This ended up being about a $6 project. After you put the paper in the frame, you use a dry erase marker to write out your menu each week. I still need to get a picture frame stand to hold it up. I don't have wallspace in my kitchen to hang it. Olivia keeps wanting to write on it. So I think I need to get her a frame and put a cute piece of scrapbook paper in it and she could have her very own little dry erase board.

The other thing I found on pintrest was this amazing fall dessert.
Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bars.
They were super easy, but a lot of steps. Check out my pintrest for the recipe. It is well worth the effort.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Emelyn's First Haircut

Both girls got their bangs trimmed this afternoon. This was Emelyn's first time. Morgan at 50211 is really nice. After the girls were done they got to pick something out of the treasure chest. My favorite part was she didn't charge us since it was just bangs :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia!

My baby is 4!

 After Bible Study this morning we met Daddy at Fuddruckers.
 Emelyn loved her cookie!
 Can't have a party without balloons.
 Olivia's amazing "Olivia the Pig" cake made by Aunt Stacy!
 Olivia wanted pizza. That made life so much easier for me. All I had to do is get online and order from Papa John's. With a 35% off coupon, thanks to the Norwalk Football boys, it made a cheap meal for 21 people.
 We even did crafts with the kids. They made name bracelets. They used red and black beads to go with our theme.
 Olivia's letters are a little backwards, oops. Emelyn has one too. She did not want to take hers off.

 Cake Time!
 Gift Time!
 Olivia got lots of fun toys to play with. My living rom looks like a tornado went threw it.
  Two sneaky little cousins, Emelyn and Aylah, getting into the frosting.
Slumber party with the cousin!
Olivia had such a fun day! They should all sleep well tonight.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


For some reason the last couple of days I could be the facebook girl that updates her status like a hundred times. Not even with anything interesting. So rather than keep updating my facebook status, I thought I'd just blog them rather than annoy everyone with 10 updates from me on there homepage.
  • The girls slept in yesterday and I got to get ready to go shopping all by MYSELF!
  • Loved talking to Angela on the phone part of the way to Williamsburg. Wish should could have joined us.
  • Loved spending the day with one of my college roommates. I hadn't seen in her 2 years!
  • Olivia cried and cried when I picked the girls up after shopping. She did not want to go home.
  • A big Thank you to Kristin for watching my girls and being so much fun that Olivia wanted to stay.
  • My parents are the best. They came up to babysit. Olivia loves when they come. "Grandma misses me."
  • Birthday shopping for Olivia: I picked out a Barbie Vacation Home (lot cheaper than the dream house, and it folds up), play hair accessories, Sean picked out nerf guns (2 so her friends/Sean can play too) Then we both picked out a princess scooter.
  • Sean and I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. We walked right in and sat at a table set for 5. While it looked like people with bigger parties were waiting.
  • On our way to Target we got rearended at a stop light. Luckily, we are okay and no damage to our car.
  • Taking the girls to the Omaha Zoo today for Olivia's birthday. She can't wait to see Elephants.
  • Sean has been trying to hook up an new anntena for over a week. But get this- it works best when not plugged into anything. -spooky.

I'll leave you with a few pictures.
 Olivia, Emelyn, and Aylah made cupcakes with grandma.
 Olivia started dance lessons.
 A few weeks ago we went to the botanical gardens with some friends.
 Emelyn wasn't in the picture taking mood.
 3 little girls squeezed into the back of my trailblazer heading to the Homecoming Parade.
Of couse, my babies.