Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hair Bow Organizers

Do you have a drawer full of hairbows or a ziplock bag full of hair things that you just don't know what to do with? We had both. For all those loose rubber bands I used travel soap dishes, which works awesomely. But we still have all those bows. I saw some monogram letters with ribbons hanging off of them at some craft shows which I thought was a great idea, but I could probably do for half the price. So I went on to see if I could get any ideas and this is what I came up with...
This is what I came up with.
I painted a wooden plack and a wooden letter with cheap craft paint. Olivia wanted pink. So Emelyn got purple. Then cut out a square piece of scrapbooking paper and then hodgpodged it, glued on the letter, and used some more hodgepodge. Finally I attached some matching ribbon. You can't tell in the picture but I put a skinny piece of ribbon down the center of a thicker piece. Ended up working out awesome, because it is a great place to clip the bows that have a clasp. I also looped the middle one and cliped it with a barrett to hold handbands or hair ties. Just have to remember if I want to use that barrett I need to use another bow to hold my loop.

I love how they turned out. My favorite part, Olivia, who doesn't always want bows in her hair, wants to get a bunch more bows. I told her if I got them for her she would have to wear them. She said she would. I do believer, because she is wearing them a lot more than she did.

They were really fun to make. I even made one for my niece. Might have to make some more for Christmas gifts. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lawn Mowers to Shoes

Sean's new toy. Menards was having there end of the year sale. He even let me take a swipe down the yard to try it out.

 Our accidental pumpkin patch. Our award winning pumpkin last year at the Crigger's pumpkin carving contest reproduced. Not really in a place I would have put a pumpkin patch, but hey, we will have lots of pumpkins this fall.
 Chalk drawings.
 My baby girl!
 Olivia trying to trace Emelyn. She didn't stay still very well.
 Tracing Daddy.
My new shoes!!! I know they are a little high, but I LOVE them! I had the best day yesterday. One of my dear friends and I went shopping during naptime. She introduced me to Plato's Closet. Then once we got back we went upstairs and she helped go through my closet and showed me things I could wear together. I think I have a whole new wardrobe with clothes I already own. I should have taken pictures so I can remember everything she said I could do. She also made me throw a few things out. Saying it was too teachery or something like that. Then we ended the night with a little improptu party. We got some carry out and watched True Grit on our big screen. Next time the girls get to pick the movie. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Olivia's job chart

So I haven't been able to get my blog to work so I started a new one. Most of my posts have to do with my two amazingly cute daughters. And occationally I add recipes or projects or maybe some kind of rant. I'll have to jazz my new blog up later. Nap time is almost over.

This is what I worked on this afternoon... (I just love my CM scrapbooking program)

We have Olivia do a few chores around the house. Usually help empty the dishwasher and set the table. Olivia loves stickers so I thought when she did these things it would help keep us both accountable. This probably sounds terrible, but I occationally struggle waiting or making her do things, because it is easier if I just do it. We'll have to go to Dollar General later to pick out some cute stickers for our chart. Or maybe laminate it and she can X it off. We'll just have to see what happens. I couldn't decide if I should put clothing or not. Olivia still wants me to help dress her. So I am hoping a little sticker will motivate her to do it herself.