Saturday, October 1, 2011


For some reason the last couple of days I could be the facebook girl that updates her status like a hundred times. Not even with anything interesting. So rather than keep updating my facebook status, I thought I'd just blog them rather than annoy everyone with 10 updates from me on there homepage.
  • The girls slept in yesterday and I got to get ready to go shopping all by MYSELF!
  • Loved talking to Angela on the phone part of the way to Williamsburg. Wish should could have joined us.
  • Loved spending the day with one of my college roommates. I hadn't seen in her 2 years!
  • Olivia cried and cried when I picked the girls up after shopping. She did not want to go home.
  • A big Thank you to Kristin for watching my girls and being so much fun that Olivia wanted to stay.
  • My parents are the best. They came up to babysit. Olivia loves when they come. "Grandma misses me."
  • Birthday shopping for Olivia: I picked out a Barbie Vacation Home (lot cheaper than the dream house, and it folds up), play hair accessories, Sean picked out nerf guns (2 so her friends/Sean can play too) Then we both picked out a princess scooter.
  • Sean and I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. We walked right in and sat at a table set for 5. While it looked like people with bigger parties were waiting.
  • On our way to Target we got rearended at a stop light. Luckily, we are okay and no damage to our car.
  • Taking the girls to the Omaha Zoo today for Olivia's birthday. She can't wait to see Elephants.
  • Sean has been trying to hook up an new anntena for over a week. But get this- it works best when not plugged into anything. -spooky.

I'll leave you with a few pictures.
 Olivia, Emelyn, and Aylah made cupcakes with grandma.
 Olivia started dance lessons.
 A few weeks ago we went to the botanical gardens with some friends.
 Emelyn wasn't in the picture taking mood.
 3 little girls squeezed into the back of my trailblazer heading to the Homecoming Parade.
Of couse, my babies.

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  1. Fun!! Wish I would have read this before I texted you about the doll house. :)
    Happy birthday to Olivia!!!