Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Sneak Peak

My little girl turns 4 next week! Wow, where did the time go. She wants an Olivia the Pig birthday party. I found a cute shirt on Etsy and thought I could do that, with a little help. I emailed the shirt to my amazing, can do almost anything sister-in-law and she made the image, emailed it back, and I printed it off on transfer paper.
I ordered this shirt from It came in a package of two and the shipping was 97 cents. I can't drive to walmart for that.
I made Sean cut out the image. He is a little more precise when it comes to detail. He said I could have picked an easier picture.

She absolutely LOVED it! I had her try it on to check it out, and she DID NOT want to take it off. In fact she threw a fit (Its been one of those kind of days). But the next step on the directions is to wash it inside out before you wear it. 

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