Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Girls Apron

 I can't believe my baby is turning 2 this weekend! When Olivia turned 2 I made her an apron to go with the kitchen we got her. Emelyn also LOVES to help cook. So I thought she needed an apron too. So this morning I whipped this up. It was a lot easier the 2nd time around. Hopefully, no one looks to closely at my stitching. I am not the best seamstress. Maybe someday when I figure out how to hook up my scanner I will post a pattern. This was really easy.
The hardest part about this project, was the ties. They aren't hard, just time consuming. You have to turn them inside out. I did see on a blog, instead of using material for the ties, they used ribbon. Which was very cute. I decided I already had the material so it was a money saving thing.
Can't wait to show you the cake my sister-in-law is making for her. It is going to be super cute, so stay tuned!

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