Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Couple of pictures

 Sean's birthday present. He told me he wasn't 12 and going to stand next to it for a picture that I can post on facebook.  Okay, then I'll blog it. :) It is a couple of weeks early, but the weather has been so nice out and he has the week off. We'll get him something he can open on his birthday.
Oh boy! Here we go. This going to be fun. I still need to get Emelyn a comforter. I have had my eye on one at Target and guess what, now that I am ready for it. They are out of stock. One of the things I really wanted with their beds were drawers underneath. Of course, cuteness of the bed won out over the beds with the storage. I am sure I can find something on pintrest. Now, for the overwhelming job of...organizing their clothes!!

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