Thursday, December 29, 2011

A few more crafts

My mom made snowmen with the girls' out of milk jugs. The back is cut out and Christmas lights put inside so they light up. Super cute! The girls love them.
 I saw this cute idea on a blog. What do you do with everyone's Christmas cards they mail you? I tried scrapbooking them. But most of them are thrown into a scrapbook shoved down in between the page protector. On one particular blog, can't remember which, sorry, they punched a hole in them and put a ring or ribbon and next year you set them out on your coffee table.
 These two pictures I am sure you have seen on pintrest.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. sister found the idea you posted (the bottom Christmas ball) last year. My mom has Stacey's three boys and Kayleigh's...hoping to do Jacob's next year if we remember. They are neat!!

  2. i love the cards! good to know they won't just be thrown away. :)