Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1

It's official, December is here! And it is snowing. This morning we did the first activity in our advent calendar. We started it off with reading the Christmas story. Olivia is so excited for Christmas, I thought she needed a little "time-out" to emphasize why we have Christmas. Then I found a little video on netflix.

Now for a little fun for all of you, I have a little quiz. We were given this quiz in Sunday School Sunday. It is a little tricky so read carefully. No cheating! I will post all the answers tomorrow. Good Luck!

1. When Joseph discovered that Mary was expecting a child...
        A. He was very happy
        B. He asked for a divorce
        C. He contemplated getting a divorce
        D. He brooded over it until he fell asleep.

2.  Before Jesus was born...
       A. Joseph left Mary
       B. Mary left Joseph
       C. Joseph and Mary led a normal married life
       D. Joseph built a crib

3. Why did Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem?
      A. King Herod made a decree
      B. Joseph and Mary were both related to the former king of Bethlehem
      C. A star appeared and led them to Bethlehem
      D. An angel appeared and told them to go

4. How did Joseph and Mary get to Bethlehem?
     A. They rode donkeys
     B. Mary rode a donkey and Joseph walked
     C. They rode camels
     D. The Bible doesn't say

5. Which animals were present at the manger when Christ was born?
    A. Sheep and cows
    B. Donkey and ox
    C. The Bible only mentions sheep
    D. The Bible doesn't say

6. What did the shepherds in the field see?
       A. An army
       B. A choir
       C. A star
       D. 3 Kings

7. Who were the visitors from the East?
    A. Relatives
    B. Kings
    C. Astronomers
     D. Farmers

8. How did these visitors find the baby Jesus?
    A. They followed the star to Nazareth
     B. They followed the star to Bethlehem
     C. They followed the star to Jerusalem
     D. They followed the instructions of King Herod

9. What did these visitors do when they arrived?
     A. They had a snowball fight
     B. They found the child in a manger
     C. They dreamed of the bad man
     D. They sang Christmas Carols

10. Which is the most probable time of Christ's birth?
       A. December
       B. in the year "zero"
      C. in the year "one"
      D. Five to seven Anno Domini

11. The innkeeper...
        A. sent Joseph and Mary away because they were Jews
        B. Was angry because the awoke him from a sound sleep
        C. offered them a place in the stall
        D. isn't mentioned in the Bible

12. Which book of the Bible has the most to say about Christ's advent?
       A. Revelation
        B. Matthew
       C. Luke
       D. Isaiah

13. When Christ was born...
       A. There was snow in Bethlehem
       B. There was snow in Jerusalem
       C. there was snow in Israel
       D. the Bible doesn't mention snow

14. How many brothers and sisters did Jesus have?
      A. Jesus had 2 brothers
      B. There were at least seven children
      C. Jesus was an only child
       D. The Bible doesn't say

15.  Where did Jesus live the shortest length of time?
       A. Bethlehem
       B. Nazareth
       C. Egypt
       D. Capernaum

16. Why did Joseph and Mary take Christ to Jerusalem
       A. Because Herod wanted to kill him
       B. For Christ's baptism
       C. For Christ's circumcision
      D. For Christ's dedication

17. When was Jesus baptized
        A. shortly after his birth
        B. on his first day
        C. As a young lad of 12
       D. A few years before his death

18. As a youngster...
       A. Jesus was a good student
       B. Jesus stayed back
       C. Jesus confounded the teachers with his knowledge
       D. Jesus' parents were not happy about his behavior

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