Sunday, November 27, 2011

A little Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorations

First off, I must share these brownie surprises (a pintrest recipe) I made for our Thanksgiving supper at church. Sometimes you should follow the directions completely. When the recipe calls for baking cups, use them.

 I was TRYING to save money and not buy baking cups I thought I'd just spray my muffin tin really well with PAM, but that did not work. While looking through my cabinets trying to decide what I could make for a dessert guess what I found?

I had some cups all along. So the second batch I did turned out beautifully. Although, I was only left with 22 to take to church.

Olivia's cousins spent the night and we made cinnamon roll cupcakes for breakfast, they were very good. (A pintrest recipe)

Olivia prays daily for her cousin Kelsy to come back.

 I made my first turkey. I wish I would have taken more pictures of this beauty, but this is all I have. I brined it. I have the recipe I used posted on pintrest. AMAZING!!! Trying to get the turkey parts out, was kind of funny since the turkey was still slightly frozen and they were tucked into the other side of the turkey. Then my pot was too small when I put the turkey into the brine. A note for next time: Make brine in a large stock pot, enough room to bring 2 gallons of water to a boil. Then get a new bucket or Styrofoam cooler to put the turkey in and pour the brine over the turkey.
 This weekend we decorated for Christmas.
The girls helped Daddy with the outdoor lights until they got cold. Then they helped me fluff the branches to our Christmas tree while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
 Our Advent Calendar. I posted the directions to this on an earlier post. Can't wait to start it on Thursday.
 Our Stockings.
 I got these stocking holders last year after Christmas at Hobby Lobby. I am a little disappointed because you can't see our stockings behind the TV. I had great hopes into making our shelf look like a mantel and get a fireplace DVD to turn our TV into a fireplace. I haven't found a DVD yet.
 I got this Christmas ball idea from Daydream Believer blog. I got two packages of balls from Walmart for $2.50 each.
 My Christmas Card wreath hung just waiting for cards. I got the idea for this from a friend. The wreath part is a wire wreath from Michael's wrapped with ribbon, the wide stuff. Then clothes pins glued around it.
 Our nativity scene. I have a different one, but my children will not leave it alone. So last year I bought this one from the Family Christian Book Store. It was on sale and then I had a coupon. Love how they give coupons so freely. The only thing  I don't like about it is the magi look like girls. I think they were all male.
 Our tree!

My candles got a little melted in storage this year. So I am going have to find some new ones.
 My hubby made me this candy dish a few years ago on a Wells Fargo team activity. They went to one of those pottery places. Candy dishes and small children don't really go together, so it is empty.
 No tree is complete without a Veggie Tale train.
 Black Friday bargain. $40 for this 3-1 printer. I didn't get much Christmas shopping accomplished on Black Friday. I got the printer for myself. And then some stuff we needed like socks. I did get Olivia a pea coat at Old Navy for $15 so I was pretty excited about that.  This was our first year going at midnight. My sister-in-law and I decided we like going around 4 better. We don't usually have to wait in much of a line anywhere. Plus, we don't usually go after the BIG stuff.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy decorating for Christmas!

"It's the Happ Happiest Season of all"

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