Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advent Calendar AKA: Christmas Count Down

Last year a couple of my friends made advent calendars out of mini muffin tins. They were so cute. I have no clue how to link to their blogs or else I would. By the time I got around to making one last year, it was half way through December. So I thought I would get a head start on it this year.

I will apologize in advance, I forgot to rotate my pictures so they are sideways, Oops.
I found a mini muffin tin at Walmart for $4.95. I had to go to two Walmarts to find it.
Using the small circle, on the Creative Memories Large Circle punch, I punched out circles and glued them on the bottom of each hole.

Sean drilled me two holes in the top to hang it up with ribbon.

I made pictures on my Creative Memories Story Book Plus program and printed them on card stock. I used clip art from the Christmas Jewel paper pack. To get 24 pictures though, I had to get a few images off the Internet. My friend Abby used old Christmas ornaments instead of pictures.

Then I mod-podged them to card stock.

Then put magnets on the back and voila! Now I need to come up with 24 different activities for the girls to do each day to hide inside each cup. A special craft, a lunch date, game, etc. If you have any good ideas. Let me know. I am sure I am going to struggle with 24 different things to do.

Thought I'd share this fun picture. My friend Rachel and I went on the Wine Walk with her grandma and mom. It was a fun night walking around the square and wine tasting. Hopefully if we go again next year our friend Angela will be able to join us.


  1. Your Advent calendar turned out beautifully! Wish I would've had my digital Creative Memories stuff last year... would've been a lot easier and probably cuter too! Great job!!

  2. Love it and am going to borrow this idea if you don't mind ;)