Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo canvas

I am so excited to show you my latest project. Mod-podge and I are becoming best friends. I created a photo canvas.

I got some 12X12 canvases at Micheal's last weekend on sale (thought I better add that in case my husband reads this). Plus a piece of scrapbook paper, a 12X12 photo printed at Costco and some Mod Podge.

I found this project, of course on my new addiction, pintrest. As one of my friends wrote this week, I need a pintrest budget.

I measured around the rim of the canvas and cut 4 strips of scrapbook paper and then got out my handy dandy Mod Podge and applied them around the edges and Mod Podged my photo onto the canvas


(Please don't pay attention to the potatoes in the background. I didn't really know where to put the 20 pounds of potatoes I bought for Thanksgiving dinner Friday night.)

The next step in directions is to lightly sponge black paint around the edges. I haven't decided if I am going to do that. I am a little nervous about screwing that part up. Also, I don't know if it is the Mod Podge I used, but when the light shines on it just right you can see the Mod Podge lines. Oh well, I am still in love with it. After Christmas I am going to do 3 smaller square canvases attached with ribbon. Besides not being able to do all the projects I want to do at once, the place I am going to hang it is where my advent calendar is going to go.

Here is another project I did a couple of weeks ago.

T-shirt scarf. I love it and it is so comfortable. Sorry, my head is chopped off. I had my 4 year old take the picture.
I also made a little rosette pin

This was fun and easy too. I think our Small Group is going to make t-shirt scarves when we host our Homes of Light get together. Then we can give them as Christmas gifts.

I am going to leave you with this adorable picture:

We went to a craft show and got owl hats. I forgot I bought them hats last year though. So now we have a hippo, sock monkey, and owl hats. Can't pass up cute hats. 


  1. Cute!!!! I bought the same exact paper! I didn't use it though, so if you decide you need more, let me know! My canvas has some faint lines from the mod podge--I think it's okay. I love that scarf!!! Going to have to make one soon!

  2. I love that canvas idea! Will so have to steal that one! :) And the scarf is super cute too! Not to mention how adorable that flower is! Great job, Nicole!

  3. everything in this post is cute! you've been so busy! :)