Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stacy's Baby Boy Shower

This weekend I hosted a baby shower for my beautiful sister-in-law, Stacy. It was so much fun. I got almost all my ideas from pintrest. Mostly inspired from this blog:
We had Chocolate Cake Pops. (Thank you to my friend Jenna for helping me dip these.) I couldn't do regular cake. If any of you know Stacy, she is an amazing baker. You should check out her cakes at the Welch Cup Cakery. She is on facebook or check out her website. AMAZING! And I have no talent.

Blue Star Mints. (Thank you to my sister-in-law Sharon for helping me make these.) It is a lot more fun to make these with someone than alone. They take awhile.

All the "G"s stand for Baby Grayson.
Onsie Sugar Cookies. (Thank you to my friend Jenna for helping me decorate these.) I was pretty proud of myself for how cute they turned out. Usually when I decorate sugar cookies you can't tell what they are. I am excited to make Christmas ones this year. I followed this DIY tutorial:
Guest List sheet/gift sheet.

Orange Jello Star Jigglers.

As an added decoration we had soda glasses filled with gum balls.

The decorations were really fun to make.
My sister-in-law, Susannah, and I had too much fun using my mom's cruicut. All the circles and Gs, and any letter cut outs we made using the cruicut. The preggo lady cut outs I got from the Maple Street Memories in Creston. It is my favorite scrapbooking store. She can make almost anything you want.

I made a diaper cake for the table center piece for the gift table, which was also my gift. In the center was baby shampoo and a bottle. Then I stuffed it with spoons, forks, toothbrush, teething ring, wipes, and a giraffe on the top.

We played the Candy Bar Game. Sorry I don't have any pictures. It is a game we played at one of my baby showers.

One of my facebook friends did this craft at a shower and I thought it was super cute.
Iron-ons for bibs or onsies. I put my sister-in-law Sharon in-charge of this activity. Iron-ons can be pricey and she is a super saver shopper. She did good!

My adorable daughter Olivia. She is her father's daughter. She loves robots. I don't think she realized we were making these for baby Grayson. She really wanted to keep it for our baby that is coming in October. Stacy said she could keep it, but Sean and I thought it was a good teachable moment for her, even if there was lots of crying. We told her we would make a different one for our baby. Aunt Sharon said she would even get her a robot. We will have to get that from her soon. Olivia is super excited to make another one.

Gift Girls.


It was a fun night!

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